A Recipe for Comfort & Bliss

Kohler Contiuous Clean ToiletCreating a home where we can truly feel comfort and bliss is essential to our well-being. There are subtle ways to reduce stress and cultivate a sense of calm in our bathrooms and kitchen. The bathroom is the first space you visit in the morning and often the last place you go before bed at night. It's important for this to be an environment where you can literally start your day on the right foot. Begin with a "stress assessment." During our busy days, we often don't realize how a leaky faucet, jumbled vanity or uncomfortable shower slowly, repetitively adds subtle stress to our lives. Often visitors to Sink & Spout start their conversation by mentioning their one pain point. For some, it's "I really don't like cleaning toilets," or "I want a charging station and music dock in my bathroom" or "I wish I could get rid of the clutter." Take a deep breath and make a list of repetitive tasks you perform in your bath or kitchen that could be redesigned to make your life easier. Here are some ways to help you find a sense of well-being...

Throw away that toilet brush!: Cleaning the toilet has long been at the top of the list of Americans' least-favorite chores. Removing it from you "to do list" can go a long way to finding bliss at home. According to consumer perception studies and bacterial research, Kohler's ContinuousClean™ toilets stay clean five times longer than traditional toilets. This technology automatically dispenses cleaning solution with each flush to keep the bowl cleaner between flushes. The flushing design means water flows out of the tank at 360 degrees to increase the power and effectiveness of the flush, and the swirling motion sends water around the entire bowl for complete coverage that leaves nothing behind. The CleanCoat™ surface prevents bacteria, mildew and mineral deposits from sticking. Set-up is quick and cleaning tablets last up to a year. One stress point eliminated.

Medicine Cabinet

Create a positive reflection to start your day: Often the medicine cabinet is the last consideration when updating a bathroom. In fact, the way you see yourself as your start your day can impact the way you feel about yourself and the world. Your bathroom storage, mirror and lighting are key to a sense of well-being. The Verdera lighted medicine cabinet from Kohler has internal LED lighting with a brightness and light temperature that ensures no hot spots or dark spots. The neutral light is ideal for overall bathroom aesthetics and provides the illumination needed for tasks like make-up, grooming and skin care. Verdera also has a vertical flip-out 3x magnifying mirror on the inside of the door and the internal shelf has two electrical outlets for powering small devices like toothbrushes and shavers. You can control it with a wall-mount LED dimmer and the integrated LED bulbs have an estimated life expectancy of 59,000 hours, which means it will perform for decades.

Riobel Duo ShowerEasily transform your shower into a spa: You can create a spa shower experience with a reasonable budget and the right guidance. Even if you can't change your shower walls and aren't ready to trade your shower curtain for a sleek shower door, you can change your shower experience for the better. Several manufacturers offer "spa shower systems" that include a new showerhead (rainshower anyone?) a rail, handshower and the mechanism to easily toggle between the overhead shower and the hand shower. Riobel's Duo Rail Shower System offers a 3-function handshower, rain showerhead, slidebar and shower arm. The flow rate provides an immersive shower experience, and the handshower is handy when bathing children, pets or cleaning your shower. This type of shower system is affordable and can make you feel like you have a whole new shower.

Perrin & Rowe doggie pot fillerKitchen Bliss Comes in Different Flavors: Imagine a kitchen where germs are controlled, the water is pure and performing food prep and cleaning activities feels seamless. Here are just a few ways to make your life easier in the kitchen.

1) Simplify food prep for you and your pets: Installing a pot-filler over your range or cooktop can make all the difference. No lugging large pots, have water right where it's needed to boil eggs, cook pasta or soak a skillet. Your product expert at Sink & Spout can guide you to the manufacturer who offers the style, finish and profile you are looking for in this unique kitchen convenience. And never underestimate the repetitive stress of prepping food for your furry friends…a perfectly positioned pot-filler can help eliminate spills when filling the kitty or dog dishes.

2) Touchless faucets make life easier – and more sanitary: There's nothing like good health to give you a sense of comfort and bliss. To that end, you can make your daily kitchen routine more hygienic and efficient. Hands covered in cookie dough or did you just place thawed chicken into a pan? No worries. With a touchless kitchen faucet, you can just wave your messy hand under the faucet and keep your faucet handle spotless and germ free. There are now many options for touchless faucets from various manufacturers in styles and finishes to complement any kitchen design.

Touchless Faucet3) Who doesn't want to spend less time scrubbing?: This little invention was cited as a top product pick by Luxe magazine in an interview with designer Kelly McDermott. Delta's Glass Rinser is a tiny fixture that has long been used in commercial kitchens (where so many great ideas start and then come home). Simply turn your wine glass, baby bottle or coffee mug upside down and push down. Delta Glass RinserThe Glass Rinser's powerful water jets create a rapid rinse and the subtle overhang directs water flow into the sink. Faster and easier than soaking or scrubbing, this is one more kitchen secret that can save time and reduce stress.

Helping you create Comfort & Bliss is our specialty!: Your wish list is our command. You can rely on the valuable knowledge our team shares every day by visiting one of Sink & Spout's 15 New England locations. Stop by to browse and get ideas or, better yet, make an appointment with one our experts for a pressure-free, in-depth consultation on your bath or kitchen project. Find your closest Sink & Spout here.