House of Rohl Shower Systems

House of Rohl Shower Systems

Mario BelisleThe Canadian Plumber Who Revolutionized Showers

Mario Belisle, president and founder of Riobel, started out as a third-generation Master Plumber, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather in Canada. As the plumbing fixture business became more design focused, Belisle decided he wanted to create fixtures that were also more reliable and easier to install. In 1995, he founded the company that is today known as Riobel. Company lore says that the company name comes from the last three letters of his first name (RIO) and the first three letters of his last name (BEL). Whether myth or truth, Mario’s company – Riobel - is now known throughout North America as the designer and manufacturer of many of the world’s finest – and most design savvy – bathroom and kitchen fixtures.


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Yet it’s what’s behind the wall that counts…

While Riobel is known for an inspiring line of products that take their cues from global architectural trends, the company’s true claim to fame is typically only seen by plumbers, when they install a shower. Now known as RioWise™ technology, this revolution in plumbing is the culmination of Mario’s dream of making plumbing fixtures that are more reliable and easier to install. The shower valves designed with RioWise technology are the only multi-function valves in the world today that combine precise pressure balance with thermostatic control. This means your shower water pressure and temperature will always be blissfully consistent. No more showers being reduced to a trickle when the washing machine or sprinkler system turns on right as you finish massaging shampoo into your hair. And never again will you be startled by the shower going instantly cold…or scalding hot. All these engineering tricks of the trade happen behind the wall. Who knew?! R45 Valve


Riobel’s RioWise technology means your plumber never needs to install a shut-off valve or a diverter valve to try to remove the uncomfortable “surprises” that can happen in your shower. Riobel has engineered all that functionality into a single, easy-to-install valve, saving your plumber time and you, money. And it’s the only valve on the market that does all this. Thank you, Mario!


As part of the House of Rohl, Riobel now offers showerheads that deliver a decadent deluge. Their handshowers and body sprays immerse you in soothing rejuvenation. Rain showers, coordinating shower arms and valve trims all come together to offer you a spa experience at home. Riobel designs range from sleek modern lines to traditional profiles and many popular transitional looks in between. Of course, there are matching and coordinating faucets and tub-fillers in a rich selection of finishes that make all these fixtures seem like jewelry for your bathroom. Insider Tip: Start your design process by selecting your lavatory (sink) faucet first and this will lead you to your options for your shower system.


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House of Rohl ArcanaWhen guests are ogling your spectacular new bathroom, share the secret.

Now behind your wall there is a shiny brass and red valve that flawlessly delivers volume control, temperature memory and multi-function capabilities. Set it and forget it! If you want to run three shower functions, say a showerhead and handshower, or both at the same time, you’ll want the R23 valve. Five functions? No problem, the R45 valve allows you to run three independent shower functions like a showerhead, rainshower, and handshower plus combinations of two at the same time. In addition to controlling your Riobel shower, this amazing little valve will support fixtures from Perrin & Rowe and ROHL, which opens up a plethora of design options.


Truth be told, Sink & Spout showroom associates see Mario’s little valve as a hidden gem, a true trick of the trade that they love to talk about with designers and homeowners. If you’re going to invest in high-performance bathroom fixtures, it pays to know what makes them work and make sure you invest in the technology behind the wall that will afford you peak performance every time you step into your shower. Oh, and one more surprise from Riobel…your RioWise valve comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Thanks again, Mario.


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