Lights Camera...Showerheads!

Lights, Camera...Showerheads!

“I had no idea what went into making a television commercial!” exclaimed Melissa Clougherty, Pricing Manager for The Granite Group. Melissa had graciously given up her Sunday afternoon to be a hand model in the new Sink & Spout television spot. Yes, a hand model. She gets “close-ups” two seconds into the commercial, when she holds the polished nickel Rohl hand shower, and we see her hand again about halfway through exploring Kohler’s Dutch Master Flush Floral Carillon vessel sink.

Behind the scenes look at what the set looked like when filming Melissa’s sink shot.
Behind the scenes look at what the set looked like when filming Melissa’s sink shot.


Just these two scenes took several hours to light and shoot. In fact, everything about Sink & Spout’s new commercials (there are actually two television spots that were shot on that January weekend) took precise planning, scripting, casting, lighting, audio recording and more.

While the three main characters in the spots – the showroom associate and the couple shopping – are all professional actors, the people in the background are part of The Granite Group team. Concord Sink & Spout Showroom Associate Karen Girard has been with the company for almost 20 years. The couple seen in the background of the shopping scenes are Abby Ryan and Ryan Violette. Ryan has just been promoted to Branch Manager of The Granite Group’s new Claremont location and Abby is a key member of The Granite Group’s human resources department. Our background actors were key to showing the activity seen every day in our Sink & Spout showrooms.


Scene from Sink & Spout's newest commercialThese television spots were done on a fast-track schedule to meet Sink & Spout’s new brand launch date of January 16, 2023. For three months, The Granite Group’s ad agency, The McCoy Group, and production partner, Airstream Pictures, worked with precision to plan every word that would be said, every camera angle, every wardrobe selection, every decorative prop, the vibe of the music and more.

The Granite Group’s SVP of Marketing Alicia Criniti and VP of Marketing Brad Dupuis worked with the entire team to usher the project through, working to assure that communication of this brand evolution accurately reflected the company’s philosophy and operations. They were focused on details including casting, script revisions and wardrobe selection. They were also on site for the shoot, polishing faucets before the cameras rolled, taking lunch orders from the crew and approving selection of props for each scene. This production was teamwork in action.

Behind the Scenes LookOver the four-month project, Directors of Showrooms Rand Hindman and Dan Lorenz were instrumental in product selection for the production. In fact, when Alicia Criniti saw the star of the show – the freestanding Victoria + Albert Barcelona Sapphire Blue tub – in Sink & Spout’s newly renovated Rochester, NH showroom, she knew it needed to be in the spot. So, Rand Hindman arranged for the tub, and the stunning Kohler Terret brushed modern brass chandelier that hung over it, to be moved into the Concord showroom just for the television production. The following Monday, he coordinated the return to Rochester.

 The first Sink & Spout commercial tells the overall story of this new brand, featuring a wide variety of products from House of Rohl, BainUtra, Robern, Kohler, Delta and several others. The second spot, which will premiere in April, focuses on Sink & Spout’s partnership with Kohler. Homeowners are often surprised to learn that Sink & Spout is home to the largest Kohler inventory in New England with extensively trained associates who are recognized for their specialized knowledge in Kohler products and design trends. Testing faucets in the Sink & Spout showroom

Thanks to actors Kenny Mazige and Amanda Painter, who played our couple, and Elizabeth Freeman whose friendly energy accurately portrays the great people who offer their expertise to our showrooms every day. And thanks to David Fuller, owner of Airstream Pictures, who was willing to get up on a counter and squeeze himself down into the corner with his feet in a kitchen sink to get the great shot of the touchless kitchen faucet in action. We hope you enjoy the results…it’s a wrap!