New and Now - House of Rohl Kitchen Faucets

New and Now - House of Rohl Kitchen Faucets

Rohl Armstrong

6 Extraordinary Kitchen Faucets You Can Take Home Today - Plus Save 40% - Really!

Did you know a family of four uses their kitchen faucet more than 70 times a day? This means you use your kitchen faucet more often than any kitchen appliance! When you think about it, a new kitchen faucet can actually change your life, making food prep, cooking, baking and clean-up a much easier and more pleasant experience. There are a wide range of kitchen faucet styles to consider, so where do you start?

Quality Materials: With so many choices, you need to do your homework on materials and craftsmanship. Look for a faucet made of brass or steel to ensure longevity. Don't take this for granted, as some faucets that look great may have cheaper metals and even plastics on the interior. With House of Rohl and their Perrin& Rowe, Riobel and Rohl lines, you are assured that you are getting these high-quality materials, along with design and craftsmanship that stand the test of time. All House of Rohl faucets come with a lifetime warranty, a sign of their commitment to quality.

House of Rohl Faucets

Immediate Gratification Delivered: Over the past few years, homeowners have learned that their first choice in just about everything may take weeks or months to arrive, slowing building and remodeling projects and making the quick (and satisfying) replacement of a broken faucet nearly impossible. To prevent this kind of disappointment, Sink & Spout has curated a collection of six superior kitchen faucets that are in stock at our 15 showrooms across New England and we're offering them at 40% off! These faucets reflect the most current styles, crafted by House of Rohl in a variety of finishes: chrome, stainless steel, brushed gold, satin gold, polished nickel, matte black and others. This gives you the peace of mind that you're buying quality and the convenience of leaving the showroom with your new faucet in your hand. How's that for immediate gratification?


Features To Consider: After brass or steel construction and immediate availability, you'll want to consider the functions that make life easier: hand-sprays with pull-down convenience, flow rates that provide effective cleaning while optimizing water usage, swivel spouts for greater sink accessibility, quiet functionality provided by nylon braided hoses, dual-spray convenience that allows you to toggle between stream and spray settings. Riobel has even developed the industry-revolutionary "Boomerang" pull-down technology that seamlessly integrates the sprayer into the spout while returning it quickly and easily to the sprayer's original position. You can explore these features on display at Sink & Spout.

Introducing the 6 "New & Now" House of Rohl Kitchen Faucets:
1. Perrin & Rowe Armstrong - This faucet is a perfect blend of modern luxury and industrial design. Inspired by Joseph and George Armstrong, brothers and pioneers of the Industrial Revolution in Wolverhampton, the English town where Perrin & Rowe products are still manufactured today. This single-lever faucet has a pull-down handspray. Available in chrome, polished nickel, stain nickel and satin English gold and matching bar/food prep faucets are also available in all four finishes.

2. Riobel Trattoria™ - The Trattoria beautifully balances aesthetics and practicality. Trattoria features the industry revolutionizing Boomerang™ pull-down technology with a 2-jet spray and integrated swivel, which make clean-up a breeze! In stock in chrome, stainless, black and brushed gold.


Riobel Trattoria

3. Riobel Ludik™ - While the rounded form of the Ludik design has a modern sensibility, its soft lines and angularity make it at home in transitional and eclectic kitchens as well. It's a striking sculptural piece that does more than look beautiful - it functions beautifully too. The Ludik also employs the Boomerang™ pull-down technology for extra convenience. In stock in chrome, stainless steel, black and brushed gold.


Riobel Ludik


4. Riobel Edge - The Riobel Edge offers exceptional design with a distinctive flair. The main distinction of the Edge is a subtle trumpet-shaped tip and base, suggestive of the opening petals of a blossoming flower. Taking a contemporary shape and giving it a slight twist make the Edge a versatile choice for modern, transitional and even more classically styled kitchens. This pull-down faucet is in stock in chrome and stainless steel. Note: matching bar/food prep faucets are also available in both finishes.


Riobel Edge


5. Rohl Lombardia - The Lombardy region of Italy is home to Milan, one of the major fashion capitals of the world. Exquisite silhouettes of contemporary sophistication are hallmarks of Milanese fashion. The Lombardia mirrors the signature of minimalist designers who prefer clean shapes and simple details over elaborate ornamentation. The curve and height of the neck, the pure line of the handle, and the vertically-stacked base display seamless symmetry and subtlety perfect for kitchens with a modern or transitional attitude. This pull-down faucet is in stock in chrome, polished nickel, satin nickel, matte black and Italian brass.


Rohl Lombardia


6. Rohl Lux - Influenced by the Industrial Chic Movement, the Lux combines the perfect mix of beauty and brawn. Drawing from early 19th century stainless steel kitchens in fishmongers and butchery packing houses, the faucets have an unfettered, hardworking style. This pull-down faucet replicates the look of a professional kitchen. Tall, sleak and sophisticated - each one is a statement maker. In stock in chrome, polished nickel, satin nickel, matte black and brushed stainless steel.


Riobel Lux

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