Kohler Kitchen Sinks and Faucets: A reason to replace & rejoice this holiday season

Replace and Rejoice this Holiday Season

Kohler Whitehaven SinkEach year, one in ten households remodels their kitchen. That means 10.2 million kitchens are remodeled every year. With the holiday season just a short 3 months away, a total kitchen remodel may not be practical for this year, but there is still one simple upgrade that can make your holiday cooking and entertaining easier than ever: replace your kitchen sink and faucet.

Kohler Workstation Kitchen SinkYou may never think about it, but your kitchen faucet is the hardest working “appliance” in your kitchen, with your family using it an average of 40 times every day. Rinsing fruits and vegetables, washing hands, preparing a recipe, filling a glass of water, scrubbing pans…and the list goes on. By replacing your faucet with a new model, you can enjoy greater convenience, water savings and create a beautiful new focal point in your kitchen. When considering replacing your faucet, also take a look at your sink. How old is it? Do you wish it were a double bowl? Would an apron-front style make your kitchen feel fresh and new? Have you been thinking about the benefits of a workstation sink? At Sink & Spout, our showroom consultants are known for their friendly, expert guidance when homeowners are trying to understand various product options and narrow down their choices. When you bring in your current sink dimensions, along with a quick photo of your sink and faucet area, your consultant can help you consider how to maximize this specific upgrade to achieve your goals.

Touchless Kitchen Faucets on Display at Sink & SpoutKohler Kitchen Faucets – Where Beauty & Function Meet
You can’t go wrong with a Kohler kitchen faucet. They are made with quality materials, are leak-free and carry a lifetime limited warranty for as long as the original purchaser owns the home. The question is not whether to purchase a Kohler kitchen faucet, but how to decide on the right model. Your selection process starts with three considerations: style, technology and finishes.

Do you know your faucet style?Kitchen with Kohler products
When deciding on your faucet style, you’ll want to think about whether you prefer a single-handle, two-handle, bridge or wall-mount faucet. Will you choose a pull-out or pull-down spout for all-in-one function or select a wall-mount faucet to keep the countertop clear? Is your kitchen style traditional, transitional or sleek and contemporary? Do you need a high-arch spout to accommodate large cookware? Do you envision a commercial kitchen look for your faucet? It’s often easier to answer these questions while standing in front of a kitchen faucet display, which is why each Sink & Spout showroom displays a wide variety of styles, with many being fully functional, so you can not only see, but also experience the water pressure, spray patterns and features of different models. You really do need to pull out the spout, feel the handles and imagine how each model will meet your needs…remember, you and each member of your family will be handling this kitchen tool dozens of times a day.

Kohler Graze Faucet with 3 Function HeadWhich faucet technology is right for you?
If it’s been a while since you purchased a new faucet, you’ll be surprised to learn the many ways your kitchen faucet can now make life easier. Some models offer specialty sprays that help you prep, cook and clean. Innovations such as quiet hoses, easy-to-clean surfaces and tarnish-resistant finishes make tasks more enjoyable. One of the most innovative faucets designed by Kohler is the Graze® kitchen faucet with KOHLER Konnect ® voice activation technology and a three-function sprayhead. You simply need to say, “Fill my pasta pot,” and the pot will be perfectly filled while you have time to reach into the cupboard and select the pasta you’ll be cooking and find your recipe tucked in your cookbook. Other styles incorporate Response® Technology, where you control your faucet with a simple wave of your hand. These options make you more efficient in your kitchen and ensure food safety. Imagine preparing chicken and then washing your hands without ever touching the faucet. There are five faucet styles that employ KOHLER Konnect, with each available in 5-9 beautiful finishes, ensuring at least one will look perfect in your kitchen.

Kohler Purist Semi Pro Faucet with 3 Function HeadThe finishing touch.
Once you have selected the form and function of your kitchen faucet, you’ll want to consider the finish, which makes your faucet feel like a piece of jewelry for your kitchen. Kohler offers one of the largest selections of faucet finishes – from warm brushed tones to brilliant polished hues. Are you looking for a silver or gold tone for your kitchen, or would you like to make a statement with a modern matte black? This is one way a simple faucet replacement can change the look of your kitchen. Each Kohler faucet resists corrosion twice as well as the industry standard. Kohler’s Vibrant® finishes are created using PVD-physical vapor deposition – to bond the finish and faucet together at the molecular level. This process creates an incredibly strong finish that’s scratch- and tarnish-resistant.

Kohler Kitchen Sinks Make a Statement in Your Kitchen
There are three key considerations when you select a new kitchen sink: installation, bowl configuration and material. Start with where your sink will be installed. Consider your cabinet size and configuration for what will work best.

What’s your perfect kitchen sink style?
Kohler Tourant Semi Pro Faucet with 3 Function HeadAt Sink & Spout, your showroom consultant will help you understand the pros and cons of top-mount sinks vs. undermount sinks vs. farmhouse/apron-front sinks and wall-mount sinks. You may also want to consider a workstation sink, a relative newcomer in kitchen design that creates a multi-tiered basin that can add tremendous functionality to your linear space.

Kohler Cairn Undermount SinkSingle or double?
The next decision will be whether you prefer a large single-bowl sink or a double-bowl. Do you wash a lot of dishes by hand and like a separate bowl for rinsing? Do you cook a lot and require a large sink basin for filling and washing pots and pans? Perhaps you’d like two sink bowls but would like one larger than the other…no problem when you choose an offset bowl sink. And if you like the idea of two bowls, but don’t want the hassle of moving large pots, pans and dishes from one side to the other for washing and rinsing, Kohler has an answer: Smart Divide® sinks. This sink style has a divider that is half the height of those found in conventional double-bowl sinks, allowing you to easily transfer large pots and pans from one side to the other.

Once you know your shape, you’ll select your favorite material.
Kohler Kitchen SinkThere are more choices in sink materials today than ever before, each reflecting a personal style and aesthetic. Do you like the shiny look of a pristine white apron-front sink, the subtle matte black that begs a touch or the classic look of stainless steel? While certain finishes are available in many materials, others are specific to your sink’s fabrication. With your Sink & Spout Showroom Consultant, you can discuss the pros and cons of Enameled Cast Iron, Stainless Steel and NeoRoc Composite sinks. It’s interesting to note that Kohler’s enameled cast iron is handcrafted of at least 80% recycled material and built to last the test of time. Kohler’s stainless steel is premium 18-gauge steel or better, preventing chipping and cracking. Hot pans won’t hurt them, and they are less likely than other sink materials to damage delicate dishware if it slips from your grip. Wondering about stainless being “loud,” clanging while you wash? No worries, Kohler stainless steel sinks feature SilentShield® sound-absorption technology, which significantly reduces noise from clanging dishes, running water and garbage disposals.

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