We Make Custom Easy with Bertch Vanities

Bertch Riverside

At Sink & Spout, we have a mission: we want to make it easy for you to achieve the custom look and feel you imagine for your bathroom. Whether you're building a new home or refreshing your existing space, you should enjoy the pleasure of discovering, ordering and receiving exactly the selections you desire. When it comes to bathroom storage, we chose to partner with a company that goes beyond a catalog of set models; we chose to offer a roadmap to custom options that fit your style at a price you can afford.

Enter Bertch – Bathroom Vanities Made in the U.S. - Bertch offers a wide array of bathroom storage options that enhance your life. Beautiful vanities, linen cabinets, hampers, wall cabinets, floating shelves and more. They offer a wide selection of designs, materials and finishes that allow you to create the look to match your personal style, with features that make it easy to keep your health and beauty items organized and at the ready.

Bertch NorthbrookStart Your Vanity with Style - Whether you are designing a bathroom for an antique Victorian home, mid-century modern ranch or a sun-swept beach house, your vanity can be designed to make a statement in your bathroom. Bertch offers more than 20 door styles to begin the look. Where you go from there is up to you…

Foundational Thinking - Do you imagine a cabinet base that solidly meets the bathroom floor, or a furniture look with legs that help define your style? With Bertch, you can enjoy either. Their nine leg profiles include a mid-century leg base, metal legs, turned wooden legs and more.

Building Your Vision - Bertch started with four people who loved to craft cabinets, so wood species are their passion. You'll get to choose from Alder, Birch, Cherry, Hickory, Oak, Quarter-Sawn Oak, Rustic and MDF, with each giving your vanity a distinctive look and feel. Alder can make your mid-century modern design look like it was built more than 50 years ago, while Cherry can make a raised panel vanity fit convincingly into your historical home. The experts at Sink & Spout can walk you through the choices and help you articulate your vision.

Bertch MarcusFinishing Touches! - Then you'll consider a wide palette of paints and stains that will bring your vanity to life. Is a soft Champagne finish on Birch or Hickory your look, or perhaps the complexity of Driftwood is better suited to your vibe? Feeling monochromatic? Matte black or graphite might be just what you envision. Depending on your wood selection, each of these beautiful finishes takes on a different look. Your Sink & Spout expert can show you examples of the colors on a variety of woods to help you find just the right combination to achieve your vision.

Bertch Avery AccessoryMore Magic Tucked Inside - It's easy to get lost in the thrill of designing the look and feel of your vanity, but don't forget there is more! You'll want to approach this part of the project with a mental (or written) inventory of all you hope to hold in your vanity and other bathroom cabinets. Imagine the perfect morning…where everything is in its place and you easily reach for your hair dryer, curling iron and cosmetics. Down to the last wisp of toilet tissue? No worries, there are two rolls at the ready in an organizer under the vanity! With accessories like Bertch's hair appliance organizer, vanity pull-out organizer or shallow concealed drawers, you can plan your new bathroom life to be organized and stress-free.

Quick Delivery? Yes, really! - In a world of delayed shipping and disrupted supply chains, our partnership with Bertch is a gift to you, in your quest to complete your bathroom project, and to us, as we help you meet your personal deadlines. Here's the news: we are regularly getting shipments of Bertch custom vanities within 5 weeks of ordering. Really! We look forward to helping you stay on time and on budget!

Find the Sink & Spout closest to you here and know that our team's expertise will always help you save time and money.