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Whatʼs Your Definition of Value?

Most homeowners say they’re looking for great products at a fair price. That's not all, though. Customers often tell us they prefer to shop in our showrooms because they can see, touch and (in many instances) use the products to inform their buying decisions. Experiencing the water pressure and spray patterns from faucets and showerheads makes a very big difference in your final selection. Plus, our showroom associates are true experts and can help guide you to the right product at the right price to achieve your vision. 

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Let BainUltra Help You Discover The Life-Changing Art of Bathing

May 1st through June 30th

BainUltra and its CEO, Elaine Drolet, aim to change the world one bath at a time! Through June 30th, when you purchase any BainUltra tub, you will receive a copy of Elaine's new book: "The Forgotten Power of Bathing - How a Daily Bath Can Improve Your Health and Happiness."

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