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Sink & Spout is BainUltra’s #1 dealer in New England and considered one of their top dealers in the country. BainUltra originated air-jet technology and is now recognized world-wide as the global standard in therapeutic tubs. Combining handcrafted art with various innovative technologies, the ingenious experts at BainUltra create singular bathtubs that offer health and well-being by helping you relax, rejuvenate and revitalize. BainUltra offers freestanding, drop-in and alcove styles to work beautifully in small and palatial spaces.

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Hydro-Thermo Massage

Relieve back pain with this unique therapy, which combines thermo-massage, hydro-massage and acupressure, making this the closet way to replicate a hands-on massage. Powerful air jets strategically deliver a therapeutic acupressure-based massage that triggers beneficial physiological reactions, reducing tension, relaxing muscles, combating stress and eliminating toxins.

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Achieve balance and harmony as you bathe. Through the therapeutic use of color (light), you can bring about positive physical, mental and emotional changes, calming, energizing or focusing your thoughts. BainUltra calibrates six colors to different frequencies, each with a stimulating or soothing therapeutic purpose.

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When distilled and diffused essential oils enter the bather’s respiratory system and reach the circulatory and lymphatic systems, they interact with cells to promote healing. With the use of the AromaCloud diffuser integrated into the bath deck, you enjoy benefits including reducing your stress levels and anxiety and boosting your immune system.

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The therapeutic use of heat helps relax the body and promote healing. BainUltra’s WarmTouchShell® technology features 3 heating zones built into the bath’s inner shell. These heating zones transmit and circulate continuous heat to the headrest, backrest and seat. They touch and warm the body’s most sensitive areas, providing a deep feeling of relaxation from head to toe.

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