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House of Rohl® is a portfolio of luxury decorative plumbing brands curated from around the world allowing you to tell your own story of a life well-crafted; Riobel®, Perrin & Rowe®, Shaws®, Victoria + Albert® and ROHL®. Sink & Spout is delighted to be the home of these fine brands in New England. Together they bring a richness of heritage, innovation and design to your kitchen and bath.

house of rohl Riobel


Luxury designed to be lived with.

Discover Riobel’s® kitchen and bathroom faucets, showers and bathroom accessories. Originating in Quebec, Riobel combines European panache with North American flair and innovative, intuitive valve technology. Explore collections that will be as true tomorrow as they are today.

house of rohl Perrin & Rowe

Perrin & Rowe

Made to a higher standard.

Like the finest jewelry, Perrin & Rowe® faucets have an exacting sense of proportion. Individually handcrafted in England with time-tested techniques, these designs juxtapose reinterpretations of the past with novel styles of the present. Made to last, with quality and integrity.

Discover the drama and allure of House of Rohl.

house of rohl Shaws


Handcrafted for life.

Since its founding in England in 1897, each Shaws fireclay sink has been made by hand by a single master craftsman. Fired at higher temperatures, Shaws are still in use in 100-year-old homes. Shaws are for those who want to own an original and make a statement that’s truly their own.

house of rohl Victoria + Albert

Victoria + Albert

The art of the bath.

Victoria + Albert® baths and sinks are works of art: sculptural forms that transform any space into a luxurious sanctuary. Crafted from locally sourced volcanic limestone and individually hand-polished in South Africa, these designs are available in a spectrum of exterior colors.

house of rohl Rohl


A passion for the uncommon.

ROHL® searches the world for the incomparable, seeking designs touched by hand or forged through new techniques. This results in kitchen sinks and faucets, bathroom faucets and showers with refined sensibility, elevating kitchens and baths to authentic luxury.

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